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Sunday, April 24, 2011

My 200th Blog Post

Okay, so to celebrate 200 blog posts, I've been making a list over the past week or so of anything that comes to mind that I love. Presented in no specific order, some are little, some are big, but I'm not very good at writing introductions, so I'll just let them speak for themselves.

1. Making travel plans

2. Roseanne

3. Taco Tuesday

4. That it was actually useful for me this semester to know French

5. Entertainment Weekly

6. Cake pops from Eleanor's

7. Frey's new Axe body spray and my old Axe body spray

8. Grace Kelly in French by Mika

9. Lauren Ambrose's voice

10. My 19th century Art History class

11. Prior Walter's drag costume in Angels in America

12. Shatterstar

13. That I took Prehistoric Life with Brandon Bunker instead of Biology by myself

14. The End of a Perfect Day from Children of Eden

15. The Sublime movement in the 19th century

16. Tucker

17. The people who say they don't need a bag when they're checking out at stores

18. The large amount of Pink songs that have been playing on the radio lately

19. The black and white nude photo of Matthew Goode in A Single Man

20. That my work wife is in love, and with a Hamlet no less

21. Helena Bonham Carter

22. Crystal Light

23. "She had friends who were...socialists. Well, we all make mistakes."

24. Breathe Me by Sia

25. Making people feel stupid when they ask for the PG-13 version of The King's Speech

26. Sexy Underwear

27. That Frey's "I Love You" message from Valentine's day is still on my car window

28. That Tori Spelling played Sydney Prescott in Stab

29. The clothing people wore in France in the 1860's

30. The crazy doll lady that shops at FYE

31. That X-Factor won a GLAAD media award for the portrayal of gays and lesbians in comics

32. The cover of the steelbook edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

33. The idea of Anne Hathaway in musicals

34. The black V-neck with gray stripes that Frey gave me

35. That Jay likes to awkwardly sit on my lap

36. The silhouettees of people underneath the dragon on the cover of Dragon Age 2

37. The Lose It app

38. That I'm doing a special post to celebrate my 200th post

39. The way Frey squirms when I try to kiss him too much...trust me, it's adorable

40. What I've listened to of Bare the musical

41. The plush Peeps we sell at FYE

42. The video of Tori finding out she was going to Club 33

43. Warm rainy days

44. That I still have flashcards in the passenger side door of my car from AP Art History class in 11th grade

45. Microwavable Thai noodles in peanut sauce

46. Receiving packages

47. Rictor

48. Scream

49. Tacky holiday themed items for the lesser holidays (at least in that field) like Easter, Valentine's Day, and Thanksgiving

50. That I got 95 out of 95 on my 19th Century Art History paper

51. That the French title of Shakespeare in Love translates to Shakespeare and Juliet

52. The classes I have this summer.

53. The older couple I helped at FYE that were buying The King's Speech and The Kids Are All Right

54. The scene at the end of Scream 2 when Sydney is making the set collapse

55. The way Toadette says "okay" in Mario Kart Wii

56. My iPod Touch

57. Madrox

58. The Lascaux cave paintings

59. How immature I feel everytime my Prehistoric Life professor says "sexual" or "homo"

60. Impressionism

61. Italian BMT

62. Luci

63. That I just printed the second page of my Prehistoric Life film paper twice to meet the three page requirement, and that my professor won't notice.

64. The Lists app on the iPod Touch

65. That Tom is writing a book about zombies

66. That Frey likes to edit wiki pages

67. The quote in Lonely Planet about how we are no longer hunter gatherers, but browzer nibblers

68. The musical style of Thomas Newman

69. Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons

70. Debbie Reynolds

71. Day of Silence

72. Comic Book Day

73. Cellar Day

74. Jaxon

75. The Rooster design from Roseanne

76. That Kacey and Frey both have cats named Luci, short for Lucifer

77. The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones

78. The idea of Company with Neil Patrick Harris as Bobby and Patti LuPone as Joanne

79. The Wasted Space gallery by Trent Bates

80. Tosh

81. Palisades Lodge

82. My Prehistoric Life professor showing us a picture of a prehistoric bird skeleton that looked like it was in an FYE store

83. Netflix

84. Sober by Pink

85. Stefan on SNL

86. SYTYCD's return in May

87. That Madeline Kahn ad-libbed her line in Clue about hating Yvette

88. That I've actually enjoyed writing papers this semester

89. Frey's deviled eggs

90. Who the killer is in Scream 2

91. This one's a secret for now, but I'm really happy for the people involved

92. How re-readable Ender's Game is

93. The memories I associate with the song Human by The Killers

94. When Frey makes me look at how cute the cats are, especially when they're acting especially ordinary

95. When my gaydar is correct...which it usually is

96. The smell of cumin

97. The delicious grossness of Peeps

98. The deep v-necks the cute boy in my English class wears

99. The color purple...not the movie or the book, but the color

100. The costumes in the wedding scene of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part I

101. The fashion sense of Courtney Davis, my Art History professor

102. The masturbation episode of Roseanne

103. Doing library research on a topic that I love

104. That there's a comic book of Speaker for the Dead

105. Black Swan score

106. Being gay

107. Art History Books

108. "Are you hiding? I'm coming!"

109. Amy Adams' dress on the cover of Leap Year

110. Bending paper clips at work

111. Borderlands by Eric Samuelson

112. Bucky Balls

113. Fountain Drinks

114. This one's secret for a few more days

115. Frey getting upset about how the animated children in a pop-tarts commercial had large heads, even in comparison to their adult counterparts.

116. Gluten free sandwiches

117. Going to Dragon's Keep

118. Shakespeares

119. Hamlets

120. Having a general idea of what I'm going to do with my life

121. Getting within 22 units on my guess of how many items FYE has in stock

122. Gross Brittish names, like Bridget

123. Layla Miller, she knows stuff

124. "How do we do zis? Ze dagger will go furzer into 'er back."

125. Bell Hooks talking about how you can love a work even if you hate part of it

126. The Desperate Man (self-portrait) by Gustave Courbet

127. Frey Seagrove

128. Hanging out with Frey, Maggie, Ben, and Kacey

129. Whenever Jessamyn Svensson briefly comes back into my life at school or on facebook

130. Losing weight, no matter how little

131. Music from Zelda: Windwaker

132. "It's what we call psychotic!"

133. Architecture by Gaudi

134. Elasmotherium: rhino-unicorns

135. Eric's accent

136. How much Tanika reminds me of Claire Fisher from Six Feet Under

137. Monet St. Croix

138. Poster design in late 19th Century France

139. Rice-based meals

140. SNL's high-fructose corn syrup sketch

141. That I finally get to see Children of Eden live next month at PGHS.

142. That I've been able to have breakfast/lunch with Brandon on Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester

143. UVU's architecture

144. The joke that was written on a piece of receipt paper by my register: "So a dyslexic man walks into a bra..."

145. Tom's "I [heart] zombies" t-shirt with a human heart instead of a heart shape

146. Toulouse-Lautrec

147. "There was only one shot that got the chandelier, that's one plus two plus one plus one."

148. Blu-ray DVD combo packs

149. Cultural diversity

150. Cuddling with Frey

151. "The enemy gate is down"

152. Bell Hooks

153. Brownies

154. "No, it's a vicious lie!"

155. Bra shopping with Tanika Little

156. Endorphins

157. Getting a good parking spot at UVU

158. Jolly Green Giant microwave steamed vegetables

159. Light in the Piazza from Light in the Piazza

160. Maggie feeling like Eric was an imaginary friend that we all had

161. My English 1010 teacher, Jeremy Leatham

162. My somewhat see-through black v-neck that I wore with my Gaga New Years costume

163. Oral...

164. Pizza

165. People that look like they're from a different decade, especially the twenties

166. Post-Impressionism

167. "Yep, two corpses, everything's fine"

168. Eating Thai food with Frey

169. Beef Briscuit Arepa from Eleanor's

170. Apartment searching

171. All of the music in the movie Clue

172. Realizing that my Art History paper would go over the page requirement

173. Scream 2

174. Smith's deli's baked barbecue chicken

175. Spring weather

176. Talking to Rhiannon about boys

177. How few calories my grilled seasoned chicken is

178. How we learned about stuff I've learned about in Art History in my science class.

179. How many people have been buying The King's Speech

180. "I work for the state departmet, and I'm a homosexual. I feel no personal shame or guilt about this, but I must keep it a secret, or I will lose my job on security grounds...Thank you."

181. Zamzar.com

182. Wii Fit

183. Weight Lifting

184. Videos of all three cats licking eachother

185. Valetine and Ender Wiggin's relationship

186. Counterspace

187. The Veggie Tales silly band that look like a penis

188. The shot in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 when they apparate from the wedding to a street in London.

189. The concept of art

190. The character development of Rachel Green in Friends

191. That someone told Miquelle that shopping carts cost $400 to make

192. That Lauren saw an ambulance in New York outside of Spiderman Turn Off the Dark

193. That I've had a pretty successful semester

194. That I was once part of a loose choir

195. Finding pictures in patterned ceilings

196. Seeing pople run to catch the shuttle and then having the shuttle stay there for another five minutes after they get there

197. Oz

198. My 19th century Art History book

199. Mario Kart Wii

200. Frey's response to how Mrs. Peacock is the only person to kill EVERYONE in one of the Clue scenarios: "Well yeah, but she's in politics, do you think it's the first time she's ever killed somebody?"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fragment of a letter from Edmond Maitre to his father after the death of Frederic Bazille.

"Alas! Of all these pains, a much greater one, much more palpable has rent my heart. My noble and beloved friend Bazille enlisted in the infantry; he was killed at Beaune-la-Rolande, just below Orleans, on November 23rd, and was buried under the snow; after ten days his father was able to find his body and bring it back to Montpellier on a cart. The poor man wrote a crushing letter. I cannot put into words my anguish at the loss I have endured: I have lost half of myself. I was tied to him by a profound friendship: My Cherami was the most intelligent, my Bazille was the most gifted, the most lovable in every sense of the word of all the young men I knew. No one in this world will ever fill the empty place he leaves in my soul. I am broken-hearted."